Reseller Option 3

This option enables you to run as a "Virtual Network Operator" (VNO). CSD would provide you wih a server in our data facilities running either Virtual Box or Hypervisor for you to create your own servers to operate and manage to provide your own services to your clients.

Your clients deal directly with you for all services as CSD will be assisting you with providing your services (e.g. phone lines, broadband lines, etc. to connect your clients to your services). CSD will provide you with any support for your systems, should you need it.

Although this option comes with one server there is the option of having more servers in different locations, should they be required. These would be priced for on a specific basis.

CSD can help as much or as little with your services as you require.

With this option CSD bills you for you to then bill your clients so that your clients are dealing with you for everything. (This is subject to a credit check)

If you are billing your clients for any communication services you need to have a RID Code from Ofcom to licence you to sell communication services.

The finances for this option are as follows:
Setup: £500.00
Monthly: £250.00
Other Costs: Dependent upon what services are required from CSD and these will be billed directly to you for you to bill on to your customers.

CSD pays you a monthly commission for the entire period you sell our services as a cut of the profits on each product.

(All prices are exclusive of VAT)