CSD Network Services is linked to the Gigaclear Fibre Network enabling us to provide Fibre To The Premises Internet services to customers in areas covered by the Gigaclear Network. If Gigaclear isn't available in your area then please feel free to contact us as it is highly likely that we will have another solution in your area that will enable you to have an equivalent service.

With all our packages we offer a telecom line for FREE which consists of a convertor box that enables you to connect a standard telephone to the fibre. You only pay for the calls at 0.9ppm for landlines and 2.7ppm for mobiles. If more advanced telecom is requiresd then we can provide this also and is quoted for as a cutomised quotation to fit the client's needs.

We cater for both Business and Residential services. Our packages are as follows:




Package Speed (Up/Down) Activation Monthly Subscription Contract Length Installation Usage Limit
HomeFibre30 30/30 £120 £35 12 months £0.00


HomeFibre300 300/300 £30 £45 12 months £0.00


HomeFibre900 900/900 £30 £75 12 months £0.00


All Prices include VAT. The speeds are an average as this service is provided on a 25:1 contention. This service is for Residential Customers only. Installation is subject to the terms at end of this page.



Package Speed (up/Down) Activation Monthly Subscription Contact Length Installation Usage Limit
BusinessFibre100 100/100 £166.67 £85.50 24 months £0.00 Unlimited
BusinessFibre250 250/250 £166.67 £142.45 24 months £0.00 Unlimited
BusinessFibre500 500/500 £166.67 £284.90 24 months £0.00 Unlimited
BusinessFibre900 900/900 £166.67 £477.60 24 months £0.00 Unlimited

All prices are exclusive of VAT. The speeds are average as this service is provided on a 10:1 contention. This service is for Business Customers only. Installation is subject to the terms at the end of this page.


Installation Terms

Installation of Gigaclear is free for all orders where a standard installation is required. Approximately 95% of our customers are classed as standard installations.

For those installations that are considered non-standard we may not be able to offer you free installation. We will carry out a no obligation site survey and provide you with a cost for installation. Your installation may be considered non-standard if any of the following apply:

  • Your Gigaclear connection point is over 100m away from where you'd like us to place your router.
  • We'd need to lay hot tarmac to re-instate the ground or more than 10m concrete/tarmac will need re-instating.
  • You have over 5m of block paving or flagstone that we'd need to lift and/or put back.
  • You have some other unusual surface that would need specialist skills to lift and/or reinstate.