Our Network

CSD's core network is spread across multiple locations. We have our Main Data Facilities in North Essex with a Secondary Data Facility in West Sussex and then we also have presence in Telehouse East, Telehouse North and Telehouse West. All the Telehouse buildings we have presence in are located in Docklands, London.

Our network is a complete loop running between each location so that in the unforeseen event of a failure at any one part of the network then services are not cut off.

We have connections to GTT, Cogent, LINX Juniper and LINX Extreme networks for our Internet Traffic and we have Interconnects with TalkTalk's Ethernet Platform, TalkTalk's DSL Platform and TalkTalk's SIP Platform.

With our network being structured in this way it enables us to provide a wide range of resilient services to our customers so that in the event of a failure anywhere on our network then it will never affect all services. E.G. If all four of our Internet links fail then, although the Internet may fail, the voice and data services will be unaffected.

Our network has been designed with versatility in mind so that we can easily adjust and expand our network to cater for the clients' needs.

All our data facilities are manned 24/7 and have N+1 power to all racks. Each site has a minimum of two power sources as well as battery backup to make sure that everything keeps running if power is lost from any source. Security is high with all racks being restricted to CSD only accessing them and they all have 24/7 monitored security in place.